A Practical Guide to Haemostasis

DASH Score


The DASH score is used to calculate the risk of recurrent VTE in an individual with a recent VTE event and who has completed a 3-6 month course of anticoagulation.  The DASH score was developed based upon individuals who had received treatment with a Vitamin K Antagonist [e.g. warfarin] rather than a DOAC.

Individuals with a DASH score of ≤1 have a low risk of annual recurrence whilst those with a DASH score of ≥ 2 have an increased risk of VTED and this may be an indication for indefinite anticoagulation.

The DASH Score:

Select Criteria:

[D] D-dimer
Normal [0 Points]
Abnormal [2 Points]
[A] Age
≥50 years [0 Points]
≤50 years [1 Point]
[S] Male
No [0 Points]
Yes [1 Point]
[H] Hormone Use - if female
No [0 Points]
Yes [-2 Points]


Max Score 4 Points

 ≤1 Annual risk of recurrence  3.1%
 2 Annual risk of recurrence 6.4%
 ≥3 Annual risk of recurrence 12.3%

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