A Practical Guide to Haemostasis

ReoRox G2 Assay®


The ReoRox G2® assay is a viscoelastic-based system that measures the viscoelastic properties of whole blood using free oscillation. See Reference 5 for more information on the methodology.

Variables measured by the ReoRox® Assay

Variable Comments
Coagulation Time 1 [COT1] The time to the start of clot formation and obtained from the Viscosity curve
Coagulation Time 2 [COT2] The time to complete clot formation and after which elasticity builds up.  The COT2 time is equivalent to the CT for the ROTEM and the K time for the TEG.
Clot Strength in terms of maximum elasticity [G'max] Derived from the elasticity curve and is equivalent to the MCF for the ROTEM and MA for the TEG.
Slope Similar to the slope between the R and K times on the TEG and the angle of tangent at 2mm above baseline on the ROTEM.
Clot SR Start of clot lysis
Clot T Completion of clot lysis


A number of modifications of the methodology are available that allow measurement of various parameters:

Pre-configured ReoRox Kits

Modification Interpretation TEG/ROTEM Devices
HepScreen1 Designed to distinguish between the effects of Heparin on coagulation for other disorders of coagulation.
Uses Thromboplastin to activate the Extrinsic pathway of coagulation.
Similar to the Kaolin TEG  on the TEG machine and the INTEM on the ROTEM device
HepScreen2 Uses Thromboplastin to activate the Extrinsic pathway of coagulation + Heparin neutralisation Similar to the HepTEG  on the TEG machine [uses a heparin-neutralising cup] and the HEPTEM on the ROTEM device
FibScreen1 Uses Thromboplastin to activate the Extrinsic pathway of coagulation. Similar to the Rapid TEG on the TEG machine [uses both Kaolin and Tissue Factor activation] and EXTEM on the ROTEM machine.
Similar to the Activated Clotting Time [ACT]
FibScreen2 Uses Thromboplastin to activate the Extrinsic pathway of coagulation + inhibition of platelets with Abciximab [a potent platelet GpIIb/IIIa inhibitor].  Inhibition of platelet function allows the measurement of  functional fibrinogen levels. Similar to the FIBTEM on the ROTEM machine
ReoTrap Activation of platelets via PAR-1.  Can be used to evaluate patients with defective or abnormal platelet activation. Similar to the Platelet Mapping Kit on the TEG
ReoLyse test Measurement of fibrinolysis  
Hct% Allows the measurement of the Hct in whole blood  
PT and APTT Can be analysed on whole blood