A Practical Guide to Haemostasis

Investigation of a suspected Pulmonary Embolus [PE]: 
The Wells PE Score


The Wells PE Score is used to evaluate a patient with a suspected PE to establish the probability that this is likely or unlikely.  The results of the Wells Score will guide additional investigations and management.

The Wells PE Score:

Select Criteria:

Clinical signs and symptoms of a DVT
3 Points
An alternative diagnosis is less likely than PE
3 Points
Recently confined to bed for 3+ days or major surgery within the previous 12 weeks requiring general or regional anaesthesia
1 Point
Heart Rate <100bmp
1.5 Points
Immobilisation for >3 days or surgery in previous 4 weeks
1.5 Points
Previous DVT-PE
1.5 Points
1 Point
Active cancer [on treatment or treatment in previous 6 months or palliative]
1 Point


Maximum Score: 13.5

≤ 4 Low probability for PE
>4 PE likely

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The results of the WELLS score will guide additional investigations and management.

Algorithm for the investigation/managment of the WELLS score object=