A Practical Guide to Haemostasis

VTED - Predicting the Risk of Recurrence:
The Vienna Score


The Vienna Prediction Model is designed to estimate the risk of a recurrent VTE event after an unprovoked venous thromboembolism and was developed to identify individuals at low risk for VTE recurrence in whom anticoagulation therapy could be discontinued after 3 months.

The Revised Vienna Prediction model has replaced the original model - see References for additional information and the Links to access the Prediction model.

The Vienna Prediction Model

The Vienna Prediction model is summarised below:

Location of Thrombotic Event
Distal DVT
Proximal DVT
Pulmonary Embolism
D-Dimer [µg/mL] 100-2000
[Sample collected 3 weeks after discontinuation of anticoagulants]