A Practical Guide to Laboratory Haemostasis


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Platelet Function Tests PAI-1 Assays Protein C Assays 2-Stage [Chromogenic] Factor Assays Platelet Nucleotide Assays VWF Ristocetin Cofactor Assay VWF Propeptide [VWFpp] Assays Genetic Tests 1-Stage APTT-Based Assays APC Resistance Assays Fibrinolytic Assays Euglobulin Clot Lysis Time Genetics Protein S Assays Global Protein C Assays Silica Clotting Time [SCT] 1-Stage PT-Based Assays Kaolin Clotting Time [KCT] Paediatric Haemostasis HIT and Assays for HIT ADAMTS13 Assays Pre-Analytical Variables Dilute Thromboplastin Inhibition Test Antithrombin Assays Thrombophilia Testing Fibrinogen Assays ISI & INR An Introduction to Quality Assurance UsefulInformation Bayesian Risk Analysis Factor V Ratio Venous Occlusion [DDAVP Stimulation] Test Anticardiolipin and Anti-?2 Glycoprotein Assays Factor VIII Binding Assays Plasminogen Assays VWF Collagen Binding Assay Haemostatic Drugs Ecarin Clotting Time [ECT] Inhibitor Assays Homocysteine T-PA Assays Platelet Function Testing D Dimer Assays PFA-100 Analysis VWF & VWD Summary VWF Epitope-Specific Assays TAFI Assays Data Interpretation TEG & ROTEM Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time [APTT] Snake Venoms in Haemostasis Bleeding Time Textarin:Ecarin Ratio Antiphospholipid Assays ? Prothrombin Time [PT] Protamine Sulphate Titration Test Miscellaneous Tests Activated Clotting Time [ACT] VWF Multimeric Assays Linkage Analysis Prothrombin [F2] G20210A Mutation Reptilase Time Taipan Venom Time Factor XIII Assays Platelet Procoagulant Activity Assays Thrombin Generation Assays 1-Stage RVV-Based FX Assay Immunological Assays Factor V Leiden Mutation Mutation Analysis Light Transmission Aggregometry Anti-Xa Assays Thrombin Time Factor Assays Von Willebrand Factor Assays ? Laurell EIA - 'Rockets' Screening Tests Flow Cytometry Dilute Russell Viper venom Time [dRVVT] Alpha-2-Antiplasmin [Alpha-2-Plasmin Inhibitor] Assays